Raincoat & Slippers Theatre - multi-sensory ~ interactive ~ inclusive ~ self-expression ~ fun!
Monica McGeever, Head Teacher, Hazelwood School, Glasgow:
Clare has been involved with pupils in Hazelwood School since May 2010. She works with pupils who have a wide range of disabilities. This includes visual impairment,   learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. Her storytelling sessions are interactive and the props used are designed to allow pupils to participate in and experience elements of the story.
In observing Clare working with our pupils, I have noticed how they develop skills in using the language they hear in the story. They will often recall parts of the story at other times, using the correct language. Pupils with complex learning difficulties react very successfully to the range of sensory experiences that are part of these sessions. Staff comment on how pupils attend during the sessions and are able to remain focused and interested.
Clare’s sessions are also fun and enjoyable for all those who are involved. Her ability to use a range of voices and accents brings characters to life.
I would recommend her storytelling sessions for all children and especially for children who have additional support needs. It is often difficult to make stories meaningful for children with learning disabilities. Clare manages to achieve this and ensures all pupils are included.
Joan Davidson, Education Manager, Edinburgh International Science Festival:
Clare is a clear communicator and is extremely enthusiastic and professional about her work.  She is dedicated to enhancing everyone’s learning experience including her own.  She is received positively by children and adults alike and most certainly takes them all on any journey she starts or describes.  She is never without a smile or solution and as a result a pleasure to work with.
Sarah Stewart, Learning Officer, Glasgow Print Studio 
Clare has delivered a number of multi-sensory storytelling sessions in our galleries for a variety of exhibitions.  
Each time, Clare explored creative ways and connections within the works on show to engage with our young visitors and make the work more accessible and easier to understand. 
Using sound, music, movement, visuals and scent she captivated the young audiences with her unique storytelling approach.  
A fantastic addition to our learning programme.  Can't wait to invite her back!
Elisabeth Gibson,
Executive Artistic Director,
Project Ability
....In a very short period of time Clare transformed the building (Trongate 103) into a lively space of inquiry and discovery.
The workshop participants responded to her infectious delivery and the galleries were filled with music, conversation and laughter. 
Her approach reached people with profound learning disabilities and opened up new and sometimes surprising ways for them to relate to and engage with the art work. 
Clare delivered an inspirational project which questioned traditional methods of interpreting art work.  The workshop was entertaining, relevant and fun and we are looking forward to work with Clare in the future.