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Clare Hume, Drama Artist 

Relevant, Inspiring, Engaging Education for children and adults of all abilites...
Let Clare Hume's drama and storytelling experiences take everyone, of all abilities, on a wonderful multi-sensory journey, where everyone becomes an explorer; an adventurer; the person they want to be.
Every unique individual deserves to express themselves; to learn about themselves and about the world around them.  And everyone deserves the encouragement and confidence they need to let their imagination fly.
Clare's unique ability in incorporating performance, movement, sounds, smells, tastes, textures, and so much more; means everyone has the chance to engage.  And, better still, they'll have fun too.
Clare has enjoyed great success in creating original work, often tailor made for the groups she works with.  And while themes can be sculpted to fit, at the heart of it all, the focus is always the same: Creativity and Adventure!
In Clare's performances, the individual before her is an “active” audience member in the truest sense.  She promises them more than just a show - something which will stay with them after the curtain falls.
And, in this, Clare keeps her promise.
Just take a look at some of her Testimonials and you'll see what we mean.
Clare Hume works with Raincoat & Slippers Theatre Co.